SCHOOL MOTTO: Every Child is Unique.

Bridgewood is a co-educational inclusive day school started in 2004 and open to students of all religions, colour, race and nationalities. Our classes cover Early Years (2 years to 6years) and Special Needs Education.

The school offers humble learning opportunity to children with diverse learning abilities including those with special educational needs to prepare them for future educational adjustments. . We help every child develop confidence, self-esteem and independence as individuals to be what God intends them to be regardless of their conditions.

Our classrooms are attractive and stimulating to facilitate our school aims. In addition we have a number of excellent facilities within the school which enable us to effectively deliver the curriculum and extra curriculum.


Our philosophy is based on the uniqueness of each child. Each child is encouraged to bring forth his/her own abilities, qualities and feelings, which are respected. Teachers are open and prepared to listen and learn with the children. Apart from the purely intellectual side, we recognize other values such as self-expression, socialization and encouragement of a positive self-image.


To create a barrier free inclusive facility where all students have equal opportunities to develop personal potential in preparation for future educational and social adjustments.

Learning Support

Our programmes are aimed at early remediation for children as early as possible. Research has shown that early identification and appropriate …

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Curriculum-Kindergarten Unit

Our Kindergarten caters for children from 3-6 years. Keen attention is given to individual developmental skills of every child in areas of …

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