We are delighted that you are considering bridgewood for your childs education.


  1. Entrance assessment- to make sue we can provide an appropriate program for your child, we shall conduct an entrance assessment. If your child has already been assessed elsewhere, please carry the childs assessment report with you on your school visit. We will be able to advise you on your childs needs after the assessment and if we are not able to meet your childs educational and developmental needs we shall refer you to other educational instituitions that can. Assessment is charged to the parent after which on enrollment of the child at Bridgewood we shall deduct it from the school tuition fee. To book an appointment for assessment please call 020-3520433 or 0725-725981.
  2. Submission of duly filled admission forms- admission forms are available at the schools front office. Kindly attach all recent and updated reports that your child may have.

Learning Support

Our programmes are aimed at early remediation for children as early as possible. Research has shown that early identification and appropriate …

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Curriculum-Kindergarten Unit

Our Kindergarten caters for children from 3-6 years. Keen attention is given to individual developmental skills of every child in areas of …

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