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Our programmes are aimed at early remediation for children as early as possible. Research has shown that early identification and appropriate intervention may correct or minimize disabling conditions or further damage to the child and generally improve the performance of the child. All our programmes are implemented in an inclusive set-up and age group as follows;

  1. Under 5’s group from the age of 2 years.
  2. Pre-School 6-8 years
  3. Elementary Class 9-12 years
  4. Pre-vocational Training 13-15 years
  5. Holiday camps and Youth clubs (held in April, August and December Holidays)


  1. Communication Skills- Your child will learn both verbal and non-verbal ques to effectively communicate him or herself.
  2. Social Skills- Your child will learn to interact and play with other children. This is achieved through supervised free play activities, music and movement.
  3. Motor Skills- Your child will improve and learn on his/her; Gross Motor Skills, Fine MotorSkills and Oral Motor Skills.
  4. Cognitive Skills- Through brain game activities i.e tracings, joining dots, puzzles, matching, grouping, sorting according to shapes and colors, there will be marked improvement on their cognitive skills.
  5. Daily Living Skills- Your child will be taught; toileting, feeding habits, dressing and grooming, washing and personal hygiene skills. The aim of this program is to foster independence and self awareness.
  6. Attention Skills- Your child will be assisted to concentrate on an activity, improve his/ her ability to listen and follow verbal instructions.
  7. Pre-Academic Skills- Your child will be taught pre-reading and pre-writingskills.
  8. Pre- Vocational Skills- This is where productive activities such as beading, cookery, music, art and computer skills are taught. These skills once mastered can help a child develop interest in a fulfiling career and way of life.

Through our Early Identification and Intervention Programs integrated with specialized teaching, we give children the opportunity to develop confidence, self esteem and independence to prepare them for future educational and social adjustments as individuals. We cater for children with the following needs:

·         Developmental delay·         High functioning Autism·         Down syndrome·         Communication difficulties·         Difficulties in reading and writing(DYSLEXIA) 

Our services and therapies include;·         Educational assessment and referral services·         Behavior modification·         Occupational therapy & sensory integration·         Nutritional intervention for children with Autism·         Care givers training  (during school holidays)

 Bridgewood School is located along Mpesi lane off Muthithi road, Westlands Nairobi.For more details and admission contactTel- 020-3520433  Cell- 0725-725981



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