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Curriculum-Kindergarten Unit

Our Kindergarten caters for children from 3-6 years. Keen attention is given to individual developmental skills of every child in areas of physical,emotional, social and intellectual(reading writing and number work) skills. Our classes are small to facilitate individualized teaching but large enough for social interaction under keen supervision of our team of trainned, highly qualified and experienced teachers.

A Bridgewood child will pass through the following classes;

  1. Day care- In this unit, we offer a happy, safe and healthy environment for children between 1-2 years old.On top of offering total peace of mind for busy parents, your child will learn independent skills such as, toilet trainning, social skills with other children, feeding and an opportunity to learn through various kinds of activities and play. Young children joining the day care program will be able to move into the Play group section at age 3. 
  2. Playgroup- This class provides a free learning environment to enable your child tolearn through observation, exploration and experimentation. In this class your child will develop social skills and values, express themselves freely and confidently. Through modelling, scribbling, colouring, drawing, tearing and cutting, pasting and sticking, your childs muscle control is enhanced. They will also be taught about the environment and ways of conserving the environment.
  3. Reception Class- This class prepares them for curriculum activities such as number work, language and science.Your child will learn to picture read, colour a picture within the outline, say sounds, join the dots of sounds, do simple addittion, count and write upto 20, recognise shapes, recite poems, play some musical insrument like the Piano, make movement to the sound of music. After this class, your child is ready for pre-school.
  4. Pre-School-This class prepares your child for a smooth transition to Primary School.  Your childs oal skills are manipulated through newstelling, reciting poems, presenting stories and engaging them in drama. Your childs reading skills are also sharpened in this class through picture discussions, participation of games such as letter arrangement, building blocks. Charts are extensively used for visual recognition of numbers and sounds and to teach days of the week and months of the year. In this class your child can now draw, paint, trace independently which prepares them for writing. Pattern writting is introduced in this class to tame the handwriting. Your child is now able to construct a sentence and communicate clearly through writing. In this class your child is now able to read, write and count numbers upto 100, do addittion and subtraction, draw shapes and write their names, write numbers in words, fill the missing number, write the number that comes before or after, know the number value and copy work from the blackboard. After the Pre- School class, your child is now ready for Primary school.

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